Dear Friends, I’m back. I’m officially back! And from the bottom of my heart thank you. Thank you for allowing me the time and space I needed to step away from this blog for an extended period of time. To pour all of myself, all of my creativity, and all of my strength into this thing I believe in so much and that brings me such passion and joy. All the while, though, this blog never stopped being special to me. It’s how I found my passion years ago. It’s why I started Rue and the reason I feel so much fulfillment in my life’s work. It’s what led me to San Francisco, where I’ve found home and met true love (since we last spoke, I’ve gotten engaged!!!). And now, all the pieces of my life seem to fit so perfectly together, all the tough times of getting a business off the ground and navigating new challenges feel largely behind me and I’ve reached my stride. Slowly, I’ve found this blog calling me to come back. Slowly, I’ve warmed up to the idea, waiting for the perfect inspiration. And today, feels like that time.


This weekend, my fiancé Andrew and I threw a Holiday Party at my place with about thirty of our closest friends. I thought I’d share some of the decorating I did for the occasion, in the hopes that if you’re still looking for some holiday inspiration, you might find some here.

Because my home is a palette of neutrals and grays, I decided to go with silvery blues and frosty whites for my holiday colors this year. I used some ornaments and decor I already owned (like these cloudy globes) and also made a Target run for some affordable fill-ins.

And of course, I couldn’t throw a party without asking my dear friend Edyta to capture the night. So a big thanks to her for leaving me with these beautiful images to remember the evening by. Here’s a favorite photo from the night with some people you might recognize from around the web.

Left to right: Vanessa, pinner extraordinaire; Tim (Kelli’s artist boyfriend); Kelli, also known as Rue’s superstar intern, my handsome fiancé, yours truly, Jacin, one of San Francisco’s most sought after wedding coordinators; and her dapper husband, Pat.

Happy holidays from my home to yours! I look forward to sharing more with you this season and into the new year!

*Photography: Edyta Szyszlo

commented on December 3rd 2012 at 9:39 pm ()

Crystal! Love the decor! Not much is making me miss the cold winter weather of the northern hemisphere, but these photos definitely do! Wish I could jet to SF to join the team in the festivities.

commented on December 4th 2012 at 2:10 am ()

So happy you’re back! Your decor is stunning — happy holidays!!