Forever Strong

December 20th, 2012

With an impending move-in with my fiancé after our upcoming nuptials, I’m jumping out of my skin with excitement at joining our two homes (bonus: he’s got excellent taste) and above all, having a new place to decorate. Oh decorating! You put a skip in my step, and a beat in my heart.

I’m rearranging furniture in my head, crafting color stories in my mind, and already dreaming up the big reveal. Along the way, I’ve found myself gravitating towards furniture pieces that feel substantial and heavy. Perhaps influenced by the upcoming challenge of not only decorating for myself, but also for the man in my life, there’s a certain masculinity I seem to be seeking out.

Black. Always sophisticated, eternally elegant, forever strong. For us, it’s that perfect, flirty dance between feminine allure and masculine magnetism.

*Images: 1. Annaleenas Hem, 2. Unknown, 3. Canadian House and Home, 4. Unknown, 5. Elle Decor,  6. John Bendtsen, 7. Ikea

commented on December 20th 2012 at 11:58 pm ()

I love, love, love this look for you two!!